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Virtual tours are a memorable and engaging way to show off your space and/or products to potential visitors. Production is simple: we can typically gather all the panoramic images needed for a robust tour in 1-2 days, or less. Then we assemble the images and connect them together, building an interactive environment. Our tours are easily embeddable, allowing you to add them to your existing website. We can also add image and text pop-ups, additional videos, and 360 videos into your virtual tour. Below is an example of a virtual tour we created for a museum client.


We captured over 150 panoramic images (360 photos) to document every work of art in the JSMA’s two-story gallery space. We used DSLR cameras and custom pano-rig equipment to take photos of the art museum.

In post, we stitched the 360 images, removed the camera tripod, reflection, and shadows to create a seamless view of the exhibit. We then built two virtual tours of the different exhibits the JSMA had on display. These tours included hot-spots with the artist information and easy to use navigational guides to help the viewer explore the gallery.


For a cinematic view of the gallery, we also created 360-video walkthroughs of each exhibit that PSU uploaded to their YouTube channel. The Award Winning Student Exhibition 360 video includes audio narration from each artist.


Sometimes the best virtual tour is actually a 360° video. These guided tours use the power of 360° video storytelling to immerse the guest in a space while educating them at the same time. Tours like this guarantee your viewer sees everything you want them to explore, are efficient to produce, and highly engaging. We have created virtual tours that feature subject matter experts as the viewers' personal tour guide. This can be done by filming a subject speaking directly to the 360° camera, or by simply recording voiceover to accompany the 360° video of the space.

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