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Hungry Mantis is a 360/ VR production company
based in Portland, Oregon. 

 So what do we do? We are a full service video production company specializing in live-action 360 immersive content. That means we can take ideas from any stage in the production process and bring them to life in VR. Whether you are looking for support to develop, film, and edit an entire project start to finish, or simply need a few extra hands to finish up post-production, we are here to help. Here is a full list of the services we offer:



Forrest has years of experience filming 360 video with professional 360 camera systems. He’s a certified drone pilot and scuba diver, so no matter where or what you want to film, chances are we’re ready to follow the action! Rachel is an excellent director, producer, and assistant 360 camera operator ready to round out the crew where needed. Hungry Mantis’ in-house 360 gear can make the most of indie budgets without limiting your creativity or quality.




Outside of VR films, we also offer virtual tour creation built from 360 panoramic photos we take ourselves using multiple professional DSLR camera systems. If you are interested in creating a visually stunning and engaging 360 tour that is accessible to users with or without a VR headset, we can help you.

We also offer 360 workshops to teach people of all ages + backgrounds how to tell stories with 360 video + photos.


We love to be involved at this stage because our deep technical expertise can advise your decision making in a way that maximizes quality for whatever budget you’re operating with. Our post knowledge also comes in hand here. Wise decisions made at this early stage can save you from overspending on fixing things in post! 




We are experts at stitching 360 photos and 360 videos (monoscopic and stereoscopic) and have years of experience tackling all kinds of challenging footage to produce excellent results. Our commitment to the highest quality possible is born out of our love for VR storytelling. We use the complete Adobe Suite, Mistika VR, Mocha VR, Affinity, 3D Vista and Blender to produce quality 360 content. While we love editing footage that we’ve shot ourselves, we regularly stitch and finalize footage for clients. Joining your team remotely is no issue as we have managed post-production for clients from LA to NYC.  


Our Team

Rachel is a 360° filmmaker and video editor with a passion for storytelling. At Hungry Mantis, she works with clients to create 360° videos and traditional videos for training, education, and entertainment. In her 360° docuseries “With the Wind and the Stars,” she puts viewers inside the cockpit and onto the surface of Mars to meet inspiring women in aviation and aerospace. 

Rachel first encountered VR at the University of Oregon, where she earned a master’s degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys helping clients strengthen their community outreach through the power of good storytelling.

Sci-fi movies, puzzles, and synthesizers are a few of her favorite things.

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trident close up_edited_edited_edited.png

Forrest Brennan is an experienced Director of Photography and an expert in all areas of post-production including editing, VFX, motion graphics, 3D modeling, rotoscoping, app development and audio mixing.  He's been working with 360 since 2015 and is an avid scuba diver, licensed drone pilot and bicyclist.

Some of his favorite projects include filming Zombie Cats from Mars, teaching video production to high school students in Oregon and learning how to scuba dive for a 360 video in the Red Sea for 360 Labs

Forrest is a graduate from Western Colorado University and strives to learn, adapt and be on the front line of our changing entertainment landscape.

Presentations, Classes, and News!

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