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PSU Vtour

The Project

After remaining closed to the public for several months, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at Portland State University needed to find a way to showcase their newest gallery exhibitions. They wanted an option that was Covid-19 safe, as close as possible to a real-world walk through of their gallery, and accessible to a wide audience. The solution? Creating a 360 virtual tour!

The Process

We captured over 150 panoramic images (360 photos) to document every work of art in the JSMA’s two-story gallery space. We used DSLR cameras and custom pano-rig equipment to take photos of the art museum.

In post, we stitched the 360 images, removed the camera tripod, reflection, and shadows to create a seamless view of the exhibit. We then built two virtual tours of the different exhibits the JSMA had on display. These tours included hot-spots with the artist information and easy to use navigational guides to help the viewer explore the gallery.


For a cinematic view of the gallery, we also created 360-video walkthroughs of each exhibit that PSU uploaded to their YouTube channel. The Award Winning Student Exhibition 360 video includes audio narration from each artist.

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