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The Project

Multnomah County, EnviroIssues, and HDR Inc. wanted to create a 360 video explaining the different bridge type options for a new, earthquake ready Burnside Bridge. This interactive experience is part of a larger multimedia story map that invites the public to learn and contribute their feedback to this critically important public works project.  

Our goal was to create a captivating 360 video that could serve as a virtual tour of the different bridge types while also encouraging viewers to submit their thoughts to the online story map.

The Process

We collaborated with Fat Pencil Studios to overlay 3D models of several different bridge type options into the current environment. 360 drone shots gave our audience a unique view into what a future Burnside Bridge might look and feel like. Accessibility was also a must for this video. We optimized the experience for sharing on a variety of platforms and included captions in several languages.

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