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Photos by Makayla Caldwell for Outside the Frame.

The Project

Outside the Frame and Open Signal partnered to bring 360 films made by houseless youth to the Kendall Planetarium at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This special dome screening was the culmination of a workshop designed to teach young filmmakers about VR storytelling. Hungry Mantis assisted the workshop with hands-on instruction, 360 post-production services, and dome conversion editing.

The Process

Each 360 film needed specific adjustments to look its best in the dome. To account for the cropping and distortion in the conversion process, we made fine-tuned adjustments to each piece during the editing process. In several cases, we needed to recreate VFX elements so they would fit correctly inside of a dome. Finally, we collaborated with an audio engineer to finish each film in 5.1 surround sound. You can find our full blog post here!

Over 200 people attended the dome screening, including the youth filmmakers. Watching them debut their films in front of such a large audience was incredibly special. Dome theater has the unique ability to gather hundreds of people together for shared immersive experiences. This kind of accessibility is just one of many reasons we love dome projects and hope to work on more in the future.

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